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This album contains some of the most beautiful music on this planet. It is the good stuff and I guess it was the most fun and the easiest to record because I was always performing these compositions in public. It is the music I love the best.

These are improvisations on themes. The talent I was born with allowed me the tools to bring you the heart of these great themes. I would love to say that I did all of this alone, that I had no innate musical gifts and no parents and relatives who cared to encourage me. But what would be an egregious lie and I would be, certainly, most ungrateful. I had a good early life around good music.

I had phonograph records when I was in my formative years. The good classics. The kind of music that forms character and imagination in its own mysterious way.



Theme from Somewhere In Time
by John Barry
Andalucia and Managuela by Lecuona
Theme from Elvira Madigan by Mozart
Quiet Music of Rimsky Korsakov
Rhapsody in Blue with Concerto in F by Gershwin
Theme from "The Eddy Duchin Story" (Chopin's Nocturne in E-Flat)
A Profound Theme of Rachmaninoff (Vocalise)
Music of Saint-Saens
The Romantic 2nd Symphony Theme of Rachmaninoff
Rachmaninoff's Cello and Piano Sonata Theme
Music from Behind the Iron Curtain Today

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