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When I need rejuvenation from the vagaries of business, I turn to the past for the peace that comes from good memories.

These moments seem to always begin with a summer sun arising in the early morning. Each day seemed like and eternity. Life was slow and oh, so mellow, in the words from the song "Try To Remember".

I chased meadowlarks through and open field or sat in my mulberry tree, waiting for some feckless robin to fly over for a dew-washed mulberry and, instead, finding me mindlessly bent on practicing marksmanship.

I really should have been practicing the piano. I remember that particular time because I was preparing for a recital and I wanted to get through "Claire de Lune" without falling off the end of the piano bench (as Van Cliburn used to say). I was fortunate to pull it off.

My mother gave me a box of Pangburn's Chocolates and my grandmother game me a $200 war bond -- the most money I ever made, before or since, for about 4 minutes work.



Medley ::
* Crazy by Willie Nelson
* I Love You So Much It Hurts Me by F. Tillman
Lady by Burt Bacharach
You Saw Me Crying in the Chapel by Artie Glenn
Seeing the Right Love Go Wrong by Schroeder and Brooks
The Twelfth of Never by P.F. Webster and Jerry Livingston
Behind Closed Doors by Kenny O'Dell
Sweet Maria Dont You Cry by B. Kaempfert and M. Caebler
Medley ::
* Tennessee Waltz by Stewart and King
* Can I have This Dance by W. Holyfield and B. House
Tie a Yellow Ribbon by Irvine Levine and L. Russell Brown
He'll Have To Go by J. Allison and A.Allison
Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow by B. Mason and R. Greenaway
I Can't Stop Loving You by D. Gibson
Raining in My Heart by Buddy Holly

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