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Musicians are human, but we think that our sense of humor sometimes gives us an edge in the enjoyment of life.

Pianistic Indiscretions are sometimes as witty as a riddle and as lighthearted as a joke. But sometimes the fly by and go unnoticed and this we cannot permit.

Let me explain. Musicians like to be admired for their knowledge of other things beside music. But among ourselves we love to test our musical wit with other musicians.



Slaughter on 10th Avenue
by Richard Rodgers
My Funny Valentine by Richard Rodgers
Angel Eyes by Matt Dennis
Laura by David Raskin
Melinda by Burton Lane
If Ever I Would Leave You by Frederick Loewe
Chariots Of Fire by Vangelis
The Dream of Olwen by Charles Williams
Cavatina by S. Meyers
Feelings by Morris Albert/Kaiserman
What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life by Michel Legrand
On a Clear Day by Burton Lane
Invitation by Bronislau Kaper

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