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This music can both melt your heart and dazzle you at times. All in all, it can move your spirit to new highs. In today’s environment, where cherished values can change overnight and make us feel totally out of place, this album offers real music that can burrow deeply into your thoughts. In this world that seems to be going slowly mad, this music is a welcome find. Fortunately people still recognize perfection when they find it. This album contains captivating music themes. These are carefully selected songs that have the mysterious ingredient to capture your listening mind within seconds.



I Remember It Well by Alan Lerner and Frederick Loewe
Make The World Go Away by Hank Cochran
Blue Velvet by Lee Morris and Bernie Wayne
I Don't Know Why by Toy Turk and Fred Ahlert
I Honestly Love You by Peter Allen and Jeff Barry
Indian Summer by All Dubin and Victor Herbert
Medley of 2 songs:
* Laura by David Raskin and Johnny Mercer
* The Good Life by S. Reardon and J. Distel
Medley of 2 songs:
* Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by J. Kern & O. Harbach
* If Ever I Would Leave You by A.J. Lerner & F. Loewe
Medley of 3 songs:
* Slowly by D. Raksin and K. Goell
* Where Is Your Heart? by G. Auric W. Engvick
* Be My Love by N. Brodszky & S. Cahn
Medley of 2 songs:
* Intro by Newell Oler
* The Way We Were by M. Hamlisch, A. & M. Bergman
I've Got You Under My Skin by Cole Porter
Over The Rainbow by Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg

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