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Who can say what is like to go through life as a swan? They have their problems and fears like humans. They don't know how much of an object of peace and tranquility they are.

Neither do they know the view we have of them that came from the childhood story of the ugly ducklings who was left for a surrogate mother to raise. Then, after all that derision from her siblings, she discovers that she is a beautiful swan and not just a common duck.

This is second of two song collections that have picture of swans on the cover. These pictures are for all of us who revere the serenity of unspoken love. In this music, I can walk my mind back to simpler times. It seems all things look better when viewed in retrospect.

Hopefully, these sons will move the listener back and forth throughout his or her life, finding those pockets of time that are so rejuvenating to the spirit. This is part of learning to think young. This and squeezing more and more details from the memory, I believe, keeps the mind healthy.



You Go To My Head from "Fireside Piano"
Lately from "Because You Asked"
My Funny Valentine from "Pianistic Indiscretions"
Somewhere In Time from "Lingering Memories"
Moonlight Serenade from "Listen To The Calm"
Unchained Melody from "Piano Demitasse"
The Green Green Grass of Home from "Country Boy-City Boy"
Rustles of Spring from "The Classical Mistique"
Never My Love from "Autumn Song"
Rock of Ages from "All The Day Long"
Theme from "Chess" from "Phantasmic Broadway"
Pieces of Dreams from "Wish You Were Here"
Tuxedo Junction from "Wandering and Remembering"
Tenderly from "Warm Moonlight Piano"
The Twelfth Of Never from "Mood Country"
I've Got You Under My Skin from "In a Purple Twilight"
Theme From "True Gift" from "Echoes of the Old West" ***
Someone To Watch Over Me from "Celestial Gershwin"


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