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"Tender Moments" was created by Newell in 1992 with his favorites and most requested love songs from our customers. It was done as a one continuous performance designed for weddings and receptions featuring the best tunes and melodies from most famous artists and composers. We found this recording unexpectedly in his studio by going through hundreds of DATs and CDs still holding tons of music and renditions that are waiting to be released in the near future. Newell wrote on the cover these words: "Popular songs everybody loves about love" and that’s probably the best description of the music you are about to hear. He was a hopeless romantic and I know you will enjoy listening to this album as we all did.



Hawaiian Wedding Song by Charles E. King
Medley of 3 songs from “Camelot”:
* If Ever I would Leave You by Frederick Loewe and Alan Lerner
* Follow Me by Frederick Loewe and Alan Lerner
* How To Handle A Woman by Frederick Loewe and Alan Lerner
Medley of 3 songs:
* Edelweiss (Sound of Music) by R. Rodgers, O.Hammerstein
* With You I’m Born Again by David Shire and Carol Connors
* We’ve Only Just Begun by Paul Williams, Roger Nichols
Medley of 2 songs:
* Never My Love by Don and Dick Addrisi
* Romantic Sketch by Newell Oler
The Wedding Song “There is Love” by Paul Stookey
Till by Charles Danvers and Carl Sigman
Medley of 3 songs:
* Till There Was You (The Music Man) by Meredith Willson
* If by David Gates
* Love Makes The World Go ‘Round by Bob Merrill
Medley of 2 songs:
* For All We Know by F. Karlin, R. Wilson, A. James,
* I Won’t Last A Day Without You by Paul Williams, R. Nichols
Medley of 2 songs from “Somewhere in Time”
* Theme from Somewhere in Time by John Barry
* Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
I’ll Never Say “Good Bye” by David Shire, A. & M. Bergman

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