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There is something warm and mysterious about the sentinel in the night sky. How many times have I paused to gaze at the moon realizing that everyone who has ever lived has seen it if they could see at all.

On occasion I have ever come close to speaking to it. Well, to be totally honest, I really did speak to it... but silently.

I remember once practicing the piano deep into the night during the summer of 1954 and walking out on the porch to cool off and hearing a mockingbird singing in the top of our pear tree. Nobody but the moon and I were listening as far as I knew. But there was magic in the night as the joy poured forth from the throat of this enchanted bird high up on that naked limb in the moonlight.
The songs featured on this album are as enchanting as a warm moonlit night as you speak softly to someone who hangs on your every word while transmitting love to you through the fingers.



Where Or When by Rodgers & Hart
Moonlight Becomes You by Van Heusen & Burke
Only Make Believe by Jerome Kern
My Foolish Heart by Victor Young
Be My Love by Cahn & Brodsky
Body & Soul by Johnny Green
Tenderly by Walter Gross
So In Love by Cole Porter
Speak Low by Kurt Well
Chopin by Moonlight:
* Till The End Of Time by Kaye & Mossman
* I'm Always Chasing Rainbows by H. Carrell
* No Other Love by Russell & Weston
I Miss the Hungry Years by Neil Sedaka
Only You by Ram & Rand
Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
Night And Day by Cole Porter

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