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More often than not, when I finish recording a tape, I may not listen to it for a long time. There is an easy explanation. The intensity of working with it makes me want to space myself from it for a while once it is finished.

But recently, I heard "Wish You Were Here" being played on our "Magic on Hold" (that is our music playing over the phone for our customers when we have to put them on "hold"). I heard strains from this particular tape and I said to myself, "This needs to be done on compact disc." "Wish You Were Here" is a collection of some haunting songs that speak of deep longing. These songs are much too important to be robbed of compact disc exposure any longer. I am proud to release this on CD for your enjoyment. I am sorry I did not offer this to you on CD much sooner.

Frankly, I have to tell you that certain songs on this album can put me near tears. There are times when I get into the mood to take a calculated risk and record and produce songs that I feel deserve exposure that are not necessarily that "well known"...relying just on the strength of their overpowering beauty.
This was one of those times... This was one of those albums.



Wish You Were Here
by Harold Rome
Once Upon a Time by Charles Strouse
Windmills of Your Mind by Michelle Legrand
Where Love Has Gone by James Van Heusen
Pieces of Dreams by Michelle Legrand
The Way I Loved You by Toussant
Sometime by Ted Fiorito
Twelfth of Never by Jerry Livingiston
Remember Me as Somebody Waiting by Roger Nichols
Trains, Boats, and Planes by Burt Bacharach
Solamente Una Vez by Augustin Lara
I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder
Ballad for Adeline by Toussant
Again by Lionel Newman
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Ewan Cole
You Will Be My Music by Joe Raposo
Don't Wait Too Long by Sunny Skylar
Three Little Words by Irving Berlin

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