The Piano Artistry of Newell OlerThe Piano Artistry of Newell Oler

Newell Oler: In A Purple Twilight

We are proud to introduce "In a Purple Twilight"

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Newell Oler: All The Day Long

We are proud to introduce a book with printed arrangements of 26 songs from Newell Oler's "All The Day Long" album.

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to the era of Newell Oler's unique piano artistry. While his touch on the keys tends to melt peoples butter on certain songs, it is more than the touch on the keys that brings the joy of listening to the listener. It also has to do with his choice of chords and the technique of what is called "voicing" (hiding the melody inside the hand) that delivers the music to the listener.

An extraordinary music talent.

Newell Oler had an extraordinary amount of musicianship that takes years of recording and listening back to oneself to achieve this sound. Every pianist dreams about having it but few have the ability to analyze what is happening and home in on it. As a lover of piano music, you will find pleasure from hearing his rippling, romantic piano style within only a few minutes of listening. You will find feelings of inner peace. Newell's magic touch has the capacity to suddenly light up long forgotten memories and allow you to reflect fondly back. A definite eerie quality reaches out and touches you in all Mr. Oler's albums. This music, if you allow it, will become a musical "fix". It will pull you in and will become your favorite source of mental equilibrium and enjoyment.

Many music styles to choose from.

Whether your music preference style is popular, classical, country, spiritual, or "oldies," you will find most of all your favorites here. Newell Oler's solo piano arrangements have the kind of attraction that make listeners want to buy everything he has recorded, right then and there. It's a kind of magic that makes Newell's musical talent at the forefront of the other pianists. Newell Oler is without question the Pianist Extraordinaire.

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